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Vandana Tiwari with Associates is independently practicing since more than 14 years with specialized legal practice in the areas of Matrimonial Litigations, RERA, Civil suits, criminal complaint and family Property disputes Laws along with a strong litigation practice arm.

Vandana Tiwari has an Association with a dedicated group of lawyers and paralegals who constantly strive to work hard and deliver best results to its clients. Mrs. Vandana Tiwari, has been in active Litigation and know the sensitivity of family disputes hence always tried to settle matter rather than forced for litigation. She has a rich experience of practice in various jurisdictions in India.

It takes pride in its reputation of providing punctual, time bound and cost-effective advice and service whilst upholding the highest moral and ethical standards. Every task assigned to the advocates is undertaken by a set of processes detailed below to ensure that the client gets the highest standards in terms of quality of work and to further ensure that there are no gaps in “commitments” and “deliverables”.

Vandana Tiwari is involved at every step not only to monitor the progress of the work assigned but also to ensure that the Associates is compliant with the laws governing the code of conduct.


  • Every member of the office works to deliver the highest standards in quality in consonance with the parameters laid down and the work flow process laid down by the Firm.
  • The office strictly adheres to the following work flow process:
    1. Receiving Instructions: Upon receiving instructions, the matter is entered in the “Master Database” and the records of the matter are maintained in two files, one being the “Court Pleadings File” and the other being the “Correspondence File”.
    2. Turn Around Time (TAT): The counsel working on the matter is required to internally report to the Proprietor on the progress of the matter on a daily basis. The client is kept posted on every development that takes place. The office undertakes all the endeavors to ensure that any query/ issue raised by the client are addressed with 24 hrs of such query/ issue.
    3. Reporting: The status and the progress in court matters shall be reported to the client on a daily basis. This shall be followed by a weekly progress report followed by a monthly and a quarterly report. The clients are always kept informed about the developments in the matter, requirement of documents, appearance of witnesses and steps to be taken well in advance.
    4. Records: The office has an advanced system of maintaining the records of all the matters that may be handled by the Firm at any point of time.

Property Lawyer in Mumbai

Property is and has been a big-time investment. It is one of the most secure ways of investing your money in the rightful manner. Alongside Investment needs, there are quite a few reasons why people require legal aids and assistance of a Property Lawyer. If you are a resident of Mumbai and need assistance with any Property Related Issues and Procedures, then you’re at the right place. Vandana Tiwari is a promising family Property Lawyer in Mumbai and we at Vandana Advocates will be happy to assist you.

Our Services

Advocate Vandana Tiwari is an independently practicing property lawyer in Mumbai High Court, with 15 successful years of experience. Regarded as one of the Best family Property Lawyers in Mumbai, Ms. Vandana Tiwari and her team provide a number of legal services that concern Property Laws and regulations. We are here to serve you in the best manner we can.
1. Cases of Property Inheritance: When your case is in opposition to another party that is fighting against you for the inheritance or rights of a property, in most cases and Ancestral Heritage, the case requires a certain specialized assistance and arrangement that needs to be followed pre-documentation and application phases. When you reach out to us for such a case, we will help you through the A to Z of these legalities, trying to put our best foot forward for the case to result as desired.
2. Cases of Family Disputes over Property Distribution: If you are facing some clashes and issues regarding property distribution among siblings or any legal property heirs, we are here to assist you in as best a manner as we can. There are certain legal rights that an heir has to their parents' property. Be it a son or a daughter, an equal distribution can easily be demanded on the basis of legal inheritance policies. If you are facing trouble to put this across to your brothers and or sisters, and want an equal share in the property as is your legal right, we shall be glad to take your case forward with you. Choose Advocate Vandana Tiwari – the best property lawyer in Mumbai and leave the rest to us. We will take care of your documentation, registration, court dates and all of the other proceedings, for you, keeping you informed about every step that we take.
3. Property Fraud: A number of property and dealers in the market are contributing to Property Fraud in the current day. These are unauthorized brokers that sell properties in the name of being a real estate agent, and then get you tangled up in fraudulent investments and vanish after getting the commission and brokerage. These result in a number of clients lining up in front of their door without any solution in hand. In such a case, we are here to help you as best as we can in filing a complaint against these fraudulent agents and in helping you recover your finances in the rightful manner.

Advocate Vandana Tiwari and Associates—The Best family Property Lawyers in Mumbai

1. More Skilled and Experienced Professionals:Ms. Vandana Tiwari and her Associate Advocates have been independently working as an association of Property Lawyers in Mumbai, alongside other specializations, since the last 15 years. With an experience of solving hundreds of cases in their clients' favor, they have built a reputation for being some of the Best Property Lawyers in Mumbai. A skilled hand with an up-to-date knowledge of every new occurrence in property laws and regulations is just what you need to get the results of your case, in your favor.
2. Quicker Procedures: With years of work-experience, we have built a host of contacts in this work industry. With the help of these contacts and a team with the best assistance, we provide the best legal aid and the fastest procedures for all kinds of Property Registrations, Documentation and updating of Property inherited through Ancestral heritage, and a lot more. Once you contact us, you do not have to go about running to fifty different places for getting your documents prepared, or stamp papers made, and a lot of the other proceedings that happen to get it all together. We take care of it all for you.
3. Assurance of the Case turning in your favor: Through the last 15 years, we have only taken up cases because we knew we would be able to deliver as promised. Our clients have been nothing but satisfied with the efforts of our team and the results of their cases, be it a matter of Familial Property Dispute, Property Fraud or a new Investment they were unsure about.
4. Cost-effective solutions: Advocate Vandana Tiwari is a cost-effective Property Lawyer in Mumbai. We at Vandana Advocates do not believe in charging clients tons of money in exchange for effective solutions. Our goal is to provide legal aid and assistance in the best manner possible in nominal prices. Find cost-effective solutions for all your property related and other legal needs at Vandana Advocates--the most respected Property Lawyers in Mumbai.
5. Everyday Updates: Client satisfaction is one of our focal points. While legal formalities can take a bit of an unavoidable time span, we do not want you to be worried with what is and isn't happening in the proceedings of your case. To help you have a better understanding of the way steps are being taken, documents are being prepared, registered, and the results we are getting out of them, we send our clients Daily Updates for all the information on the case. Dates for Court hearings and Documentation required are some of the things we inform you well in advance so that you’re prepared for every situation.
With a reputation for being the best lawyers in town, we at Vandana Advocates have an extremely professional yet sensitive and courteous approach toward our clients. Helping clients to make better financial investments in properties and resolving issues that are woven around the same, is our priority.
Happy to assist you—the one-stop solution for all your legal needs—Advocate Vandana Tiwari and Team.