Vandana Tiwari with Associates is independently practicing since more than 14 years with specialized legal practice in the areas of Matrimonial Litigations, RERA, Civil suits, criminal complaint and family Property disputes Laws along with a strong litigation practice arm.

Vandana Tiwari has an Association with a dedicated group of lawyers and paralegals who constantly strive to work hard and deliver best results to its clients. Mrs. Vandana Tiwari, has been in active Litigation and know the sensitivity of family disputes hence always tried to settle matter rather than forced for litigation. She has a rich experience of practice in various jurisdictions in India.

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Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai

Divorces, whether mutually or contesting , can be really difficult to get over, if you do not have the right legal aid who can handle matter with sincerity or sensitivity. Matrimonial Advocate has moral responsbilty to give proper advise to save valuable time and life of the litigants. The complications and legalities would become quite smooth if you know the right kind of legal assistance to reach out to. Advocate Vandana Tiwari and Associates have only motive to handle matters with sincerity and sensivity.

Advocate Vandana Tiwari, with 15 years of experience as an independently practicing Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai, will be your best legal aid to help you deal with the technicalities of the case in the most sensitive manner. Advocate Vandana Tiwari and Associates have built a speciality and profundity in handling the proceeding of divorce cases.

Advocate Vandana Tiwari and Associates—The Best Divorce Lawyers in Mumbai

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While some divorces are filed mutually, others aren’t. In cases like that of Domestic Violence, Cheating or Adultery, Family Disputes, Child Custody Disputes after Divorce and the like, being able to know that your case is being handled by the Best Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai, is the assurance that is necessary for the desired outcomes of the case. Some of the major concerns that lead to a divorce and the kinds of cases we provide a special assistance in, are listed as follows.

1. Domestic Violence: This is one of the most prevalent reasons why divorces are filed in India. The rate of Domestic Violence has gone so high up in the last decade that the brutality of these cases has required a special assistance and highly sensitive approach to be handled. We, at Vandana Advocates, have fought such cases, and got our clients the results they desired and deserved—A Free and Healthy Lifestyle that was far-far away from the shackles and toxicity of the violent behaviour they had to put up with.
2. Cheating or Adultery: Extra-marital relationships, while being a part of a monogamous marriage, is what has destroyed so many marriages, and continues to do so. If your partner is cheating on you, or has cheated on you in the past, it’s pretty much evident that someone who can do it once can do it again. If being able to present legal proofs of cheating is what is stopping you, worry no more. Ms. Vandana Tiwari is a Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai and having handled such cases for years now, at Vandana Associates, you are guaranteed an out from the situation. Gathering proofs and being your guide is something you can trust us with.
3. Family Disputes: There are times when a marriage faces the brunt of separation not because of the partners standing against each other, but because family disputes lead to one person siding with their relatives against each other. This mostly leads to friction and disputes between partners and eventually, to a mutual divorce. Helping you present your case in the best manner possible, our focus will be on getting you the justice, and financial support post-divorce in terms of alimony, if you desire so.
4. Fraud: Cases of fraudulent marriages—for example: The partners living in two different geographical locations post-marriage, when there was no mention of it, till they tied the knot—are something that we can help you with in the best manner possible. These also include financial fraud as well as having multiple partners in marriage without one being aware of the other. These are sensitive matters that need an experienced hand to deal with them. Ms. Vandana Tiwari has a 14+ years’ worth of experience in fighting these cases and helping her clients live a happy and fulfilled life, outside of these shackles.
5. Dowry: India still has a long way to go when it comes to the financial nuances like the Dowry System in marriages. While a lot of families pretend to not want anything for dowry, and some genuinely don’t, sometimes the pressure is built on the daughter-in-law after she becomes a part of the family, post-marriage. They take to mental abuse, and domestic violence, and sometimes go to the extent of death threats, to extract dowry out of the girl’s parents. This kind of a marriage is not at all worthy to be a part of and can prove to be life-threatening, if steps are not taken in the right direction at the right time. Report to us at adv.vandana041@gmail.com or at +91 9820026139 for legal aid and assistance.
6. Child Custody: Divorces can be a tough decision to make, and even more difficult when children are involved. However, that should not be the reason to be a part of the marriage that is falling apart when you know nothing can make it last. If you want to apply for Child Custody along with Divorce or post-divorce, Vandana Tiwari is your Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai and we at Vandana Tiwari and Associate Advocates are here to help you in the best possible manner.
7. Alimony: If you are worried about how you are going to be able to afford raising your child or take care of your own necessary expenses as a single person / parent. If that is what keeps you stuck in a toxic marriage which is rather suffocating a place to be in, you do not have to bear the brunt of the toxicity anymore. With a specialization in fighting cases with rightful Alimony demands, we make sure your future is financially secured and that you are able to live a life free from the brunt of a toxic marriage.

If you have any of these given concerns, or anything else that you think is burning down the sanctity of your married life, you deserve to live a happier life. As one of the most trusted Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai, we at Vandana Advocates guarantee you the outcome you desire for your case. Remember, nothing is worth a toxic marriage. A happy life or a suffocated marriage—the choice is yours to make. We shall be happy to assist you.


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